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Do you want to find your purpose and live a more fulfilled life?

Do you have a burning Marketing or Leadership issue that you’d love to solve for?

Then you’ve landed in the right place 😉 Below is a snapshot of some of the things I speak about & train most often, along with the incredible places I’ve spoken in, including TED circles, TEDx, Coca-Cola, UNDP, Euromoney, and so many more!

The end result? Well, I would love to hear that because of me, your organisation has a better story to tell, and is using that story to transform the world positively. I would love to know that because of the strategies I’ve shared, your team is thriving and reaching record traffic, engagement, and revenue levels. On a personal level, I would love to know that because of me, you are living and working with more purpose, and that you are using that purpose create a story worth sharing.

Let’s do this!


Topics i’ve covered

Marketing & Communications

  • Build a Brand like Coca-Cola

  • Marketing & Communications Strategy

  • Structuring & Re-structuring Marketing teams

  • Storytelling Secrets

  • How to Create 360 Marketing Campaigns

  • Knowing & Engaging Your Audience

  • Personal Branding & Your Digital Footprint

  • How to grow your Social Media followers and build a community online

  • 10 Tips to being Truly Customer Centric

  • 10 Banking Marketing Tips

  • 10 Tips to Working with Influencers

  • 10 Steps to Creating Content that Connects

  • Tips to Marketing in MENA successfully

  • Moving people down the Marketing funnel

  • DON’T sell. Be of service


  • Find & communicate your WHY

  • Brand Purpose

  • Overcome burnout/overwhelm & align with your purpose

  • ONLY Say YES to things that align with your purpose

Leadership & Women

  • Aligning your Why, What and How
  • Aligning your team towards your purpose.
  • Create a Winning Women in Leadership Mindset
  • Lead Like a Parent
  • Playing The ‘Balance’ Game
  • Create an Innovative & Disruptive Culture
  • 10 Unfiltered Tips from a Working Mum

3 Reasons to Hear me Speak!

I have spoken in and/or moderated hundreds of public and private events and workshops. Many of these were attended by thousands of delegates and also featured speeches and interviews with international leaders. I feel so blessed to know that my talks have positively influenced people from all walks of life and different industries

Here are the 3 reasons to have your crowd hear me:

1It’s All About YOU!
It’s not all about me. It’s about YOU! Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I am a very genuine person. Nothing makes me happier than growing people and making a difference in their life or their organization’s life. So, I speak with that end goal in mind, every single time!…and because it is all about you, I’ll always customize my content and go the extra mile to deliver a talk or workshop that fits your needs and culture

2It’s All Actionable!
It’s not all fancy textbook theories. It’s all actionable tips and tricks from real experience and gained from the leading brands and organizations worldwide. My talks are jam packed with tactics, strategies and frameworks that you or your audience will remember and be motivated to action immediately.

3It’s all Relatable Stories!
Let’s face it. No one wants to hear B.S. People want to hear things they relate to. They want to hear from real vulnerable people that have a Story that touches, connects, and inspires. As a TEDx speaker, and as a lover of storytelling, I’ve learned the techniques of delivering stories that entertain, engage, and that stick, for a while….