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My Work

I have always believed in doing meaningful and purposeful work that is aligned with my values. Looking back at my career, I am proud to have done that. I’ve worked hard across different industries and cultures. Below is a snapshot of some of the roles I have held throughout my career.

After having worked in various International blue chip organizations, I’ve embarked on a self- fulfilling career journey and set up a business called ‘Stories’ ; a boutique story-transformation consulting, which helps leaders create stories worth sharing. For more info, please visit or join me for a mint-lemonade!

Prior to setting up Stories, I lead the Marketing & Communications Department of BNP Paribas, for a period of eight years. Reporting to the MD of MEA, and as a member of the Executive Committee, I developed high-level relationships with key clients and stakeholders and created the vision and strategy for the department. I also oversaw in detail the execution of annual plans through a team of professionals, who covered the following activities: media relations, content management, marketing, advertising, brand management, internal communications, crisis communications, and corporate social responsibility.

I have always wanted to promote leading brands and there was no better way for me to do that, than to work for one of the top brands worldwide – Coca-Cola! With a dual background in HR and MarComms, my journey started in the HR department and then for a period of two years, continued in Public Affairs and Communications. While there, I worked on protecting and promoting the brand in the Middle East Region. I also acted as the company’s spokesperson in high profile events and media interviews, and handled high profile projects, including the FIFA Trophy Tour in KSA and Nancy Ajram’s (Coca-Cola’s ex Brand Ambassador) joint PR initiatives.

A believer in community development, and in making a positive impact, it was no coincidence for me to work at the United Nations, specifically the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme for five years, from 2001-2005. During my time at UNDP/UNV, based in Beirut, I worked on different assignments. I was seconded to the Ministry of Economy & Trade in Beirut for one year to work on consumer protection and SME development issues. Prior to this, I promoted Public – Private Partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and volunteerism through media outreach, press conferences, workshops, roundtables, and action research. I also wrote a Case Study Book and a National Research Report on CSR in Lebanon

I started my career at a very early age, and this has contributed to shaping my character. While studying at University in Canada, I joined the Bank of Montreal, one of Canada’s core banks, as a part time Customer Service Representative, based in Ottawa from 1993 to 1997. While there, I provided financial advice and customer service to clients and learned the basics of the banking industry.