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MENA Expert

I’m a Canadian Citizen, of Lebanese origin, and an expert on the MENA Region, having lived in and worked on nearly most countries, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Beirut, and so many more!

My ambition lies in creating connections between people, ideas, and content, and I’d love to help you if you are interested in tapping opportunities in the MENA Region

I’ve built an extensive network with key stakeholders, including government and business leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, investors, suppliers, community groups, media professionals, agencies, educators, etc. I’ve attended most high-profile conferences in the Region throughout my time there, including the World Economic Forum, where I got to know so many of these great leaders.

The MENA Region is one of the fastest growing and richest markets in the world, but it is also complex and one that requires an understanding of its cultural diversity and different perspectives. Because I come from the ecoysystem, and I’ve lived there extensively, I get it and I get what makes consumers tick. I’m also able to marry this knowledge with International best practices, having lived in European and North American countries and worked in many multinationals.

Here are the different ways I can help you:

  • Connecting you with relevant stakeholders

  • Developing Marketing & Communication Strategies that are relevant for the MENA region

  • Creating Business Pitches that are sure to succeed

Touch base and let’s chat over a mint-lemonade!